Investment Funds

Investment Funds

“The way the foundation manages the funds and is able to create growth in those funds helps us to do even more ministry and have a greater impact.”

- Rev. Matt Wallis

Trustworthy, Ethical and Safe

Investment Management

The foundation offers investment funds to serve the ministry needs of churches, schools and agencies in Florida. Developed with the assistance of investment consultants CAPTRUST Financial Advisors, these investment options are high quality, socially driven and broadly diversified funds that offer church and agency leaders clear and simple choices that meet a variety of investment objectives.

The majority of assets in the foundation’s funds are administered according to investment guidelines established by the foundation’s investment committee and in accordance with the Social Principles of The United Methodist Church. They follow the denomination’s guidelines on environmental, social and governance investing. The foundation does not provide direction for funds within the total portfolio that are not classified as socially managed assets.

And they’re an investment option churches can trust. In September 2019, the foundation received the Investment Steward certification for its investment and charitable gift annuity funds from the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX). It’s a good-seal of approval that says the foundation puts the interests of the people and churches it serves first.

There’s another benefit to participating in the funds that goes beyond the returns investors get. Investing provides churches and members with income to support ministries that transform their communities and the world. And that’s both good discipleship and stewardship.

Our Funds and


Our funds are invested in publicly traded securities and investment grade bonds, enabling the foundation to maintain a diversified portfolio that includes securities traded on all major exchanges. The foundation’s board of directors provides oversight, and its investment committee meets quarterly with an independent performance review manager to evaluate fund performance. The foundation provides an accounting of transactions for each account invested in its common funds on a periodic basis, but no less than annually.

This website does not constitute and must not be construed as an offer to sell or a solicitation to purchase the securities identified on the site. Such offers may legally be made or solicited only by way of the foundation’s written offering circulars containing full and fair disclosure of all material information.

The foundation offers three fund options with the following objectives:

Spirit Leaf

Balanced Growth Fund: reasonable balance between income and growth

Spirit Leaf

Aggressive Growth Fund: emphasis on growth with some income

Spirit Leaf

Long-Term Fund: highest performance possible over the long term

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