Faithful Expressions Workshop

Faithful Expressions Workshop

The Florida United Methodist Foundation’s Faithful Expressions workshop helps individuals consider the many ways they can ensure the gifts God has given them will continue supporting those they love and the ministries they value long into the future.

Earn all you can. Save all you can. Give all you can. In his sermons on money, John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, urged disciples to live those practices as an expression of their faith. Included in the mandate was the responsibility to care and provide for one’s self and family.

Fulfilling that call throughout one’s life, while also laying the foundation to make a lasting impact on future generations, requires a plan, and one that’s up to date.

The Faithful Expressions workshop explores the practical, legal and spiritual steps that can be taken as part of a lifetime of intentional Christian stewardship, and it considers these questions:

  • Do you have a will that gives your dependents the resources they need to thrive?
  • Are documents in place that specify who will make health care, legal and financial decisions for you if you can’t?
  • How will you continue supporting your church and causes that are important to you?

The fliers below may be used as bulletin inserts (downloadable PDFs) to promote a scheduled Faithful Expressions workshop. The first option enables groups to tailor the insert by including location information. The second asks individuals to contact their church office to attend or for more information.

For additional assistance, please contact Ginny Garske at or 863-904-2970, extension 7101.


Workshop Fliers

  • Faithful Expressions Workshop Flier - Tailored

  • Faithful Expressions Workshop Flier - Generic

Printing Tips

The inserts may be tailored using Adobe Acrobat or a design program. If printing in-house:

  • Choose the “print in grayscale” option for black and white printing. This helps ensure the photo does not print too darkly.
  • Choose “actual size” in the paper sizing and handling section for best page coverage.
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