Future Generations Fund

Future Generations Fund

Young people are the future — future business and community leaders, future entrepreneurs, future teachers and caregivers. They’re also the next generation of faithful Christians — but only with support and guidance from believers today.

Nurturing the Next Generations

Today’s mature believers must share their faith so the next generations have the strong spiritual foundations they need to continue forming and nurturing vital communities of disciples committed to transforming the world.

To make this mission a reality and begin forging a new vision for the future, the foundation launched the Future Generations Fund in 2016.

This long-term fund provides resources to empower and support the next generations of Christians by bolstering ministries for children and youth, such as summer camp, mission and outreach initiatives, and local church ministry projects. It also focuses on campus ministries, where young adult lives are being transformed through shared experiences in a faith community. This mission is accomplished through grants to programs and ministries that foster the spiritual growth and church leadership development of children, youth and young adults ages 30 and younger.

Funding for the grants comes from excess foundation revenues and generous donations from individuals. Young people today are often forgotten in an era of declining financial resources, but through this fund, the foundation and faithful believers can invest in the next generations of Christian disciples.

Applying for Grants

Applications for Future Generations Fund grants are accepted September 1-30 annually, with grants distributed on or around Dec. 1.

More information about the grant program is available by contacting Ed New, president of the Foundation, at enew@fumf.org or 866-363-9673, ext. 7102.

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