December 4, 2023

Foundation Vice President Pamela Hicks To Retire in 2024

By: Suzanne McGovern

After 23 years of serving the Florida United Methodist Foundation, most recently as its Vice President of Finance and Administration, Pam Hicks has announced plans to retire in 2024, according to Foundation President Ed New.

In making the announcement, New said, “Pam is someone I consider almost ‘irreplaceable,’ because of the skill, stability, and institutional knowledge she brings to the job.  She has weathered, and even thrived, through changes in management, the ups and downs of the financial markets, the implementation of technological advances in the workplace, and more.  Her contributions to the Foundation will be felt and appreciated for years to come.”

Board Chairman Ron Coleman, a Human Resources Management Professional, calls Hicks “extraordinarily talented” and someone who has exactly the right temperament for her job. “People in my profession look for ‘key performance indicators,’” he said.  “I can say with utmost confidence that she has great communication skills and the ability to handle what most people would consider the pressures of the job.  Her results have been outstanding in all areas of financial performance, cash flow management, and risk management.” 

When Hicks joined the Foundation in the spring of 2000, the organization had a much smaller footprint. 

“We were based in the old United Methodist Building on McDonald Street, and we had about seven employees.  Most of our financial records were kept on spreadsheets,” she recalled.  “At that time, our assets under management were roughly $101.5 million,” she said.  “That’s about 38.7% of the more than $262.1 million we have under management today.”

During her tenure, the Foundation moved into the computer age.  “We added the latest financial software for our loan program, general ledger accounting, wealth management, and trust accounting,” Hicks said.  Under her tutelage, the Foundation purchased its first constituent database, a system that has been updated and upgraded over the years.

According to New, the Foundation plans to transition the role of Vice President of Finance and Administration to “Chief Financial Officer” (CFO).  With the help of a professional search firm, he expects to have the position filled in the first quarter of 2024, with a start date in the first half of the year.  He said that Hicks has agreed to assume the role of “Financial Consultant” to assist in the transition and continue her valuable contribution to “our shared ministry.”  New added, “This will be a season not only focused on a successful transition to a new CFO, but one that celebrates Pam’s powerful impact on the Foundation’s ministry, her impact on those she served so faithfully, and the unfolding of a legacy that prepares the Foundation for future success.”

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