Documents & Forms

Documents & Forms


  • Automatic Foundation Account Deposits

  • Automatic Foundation Account Withdrawals

  • Change of Address Form

  • Church/Agency Signature Authorization

  • Deposit Slip

  • Development Fund Application for Investment (Individuals)

  • Development Fund Application for Investment (Organizations)

  • Development Fund Online Deposit Form

  • History of Rates

  • Online Statement Access Authorization

  • Withdrawal Slip


Church/Ministry Loans

  • Church/Ministry Loan Application

  • Church/Ministry Loan Policies

  • Electronic Loan Statement Election

Clergy Loans

  • Fresh Start Loan Application

  • Fresh Start Program Checklist

  • Fresh Start Program Guidelines

Grants and Scholarships


  • General Application


  • Simmons Seminary Scholarship

  • Sinclair Scholarship

  • Sinclair Scholarship Flyer

  • Verification of Enrollment Form

Planned Giving

  • Charitable Gift Annuity Application

  • Charitable Giving Guide

  • Charitable Giving Guide Spanish

  • Donor-Advised Fund Agreement

  • Donor-Advised Fund Grant Recommendations

  • Gifts of Securities Instruction Form

  • How a Charitable Gift Annuity Works

  • How a Donor-Advised Fund Works

  • Planned Giving Handbook

Invested Funds

  • CEFEX Certificate

  • Investment Funds Descriptions

  • Investment Funds Performance

  • Sub-Funds Agreement

  • What is a Fiduciary?


  • End of Year Giving Insert

  • Ideas Para Ofrendar a Fun de Año Insert
    (End of Year Giving Insert Spanish)

  • FUMF Fundamentals

  • Los Principios Básicos de FUMF (FUMF Fundamentals Spanish)

  • Trust Certification

  • Vendor Direct Deposit

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