May 10, 2024

Karrianne Heide Joins Foundation as Assistant Controller

By: Kathryn Boney

The Florida United Methodist Foundation welcomed a new addition to the Operations Team, Karrianne Heide, who joined the Foundation as the Assistant Controller on May 1st. In her role, Heide will provide key support to the Controller and Chief Financial Officer with complex financial accounting processes essential to the mission of the Foundation.

Heide’s many years of experience in nonprofit and church finance administration and accounting adds specialized expertise to the position. Margaret Cox, Treasurer of the Florida United Methodist Foundation, noted her extensive accounting and reconciliation experience, her depth of understanding of financial reports, and her previous experience as a financial administrator at a United Methodist Church as adding key value to the team.

“Although the Foundation accounting is different, this is another qualification that will help her as she learns and grows at the Foundation,” Cox said.

“With the majority of my accounting experience in church accounting, it’s brought me back to my roots,” Heide said. “That form of non-profit accounting is a comfort zone for me.”

As the new Assistant Controller, Heide looks forward to utilizing her knowledge and skills to improve processes and increase efficiency with a “work smarter, not harder” approach. Pam Hicks, Vice President of Finance and Administration, noted that Heide’s experience implementing new software will help the Foundation move forward as they integrate new systems.

Beyond her professional strengths, Heide is known for her collaborative spirit, dedication to continuous improvement, and commitment to the Foundation’s mission and ministry. “She is very self-motivated and a self-starter,” Cox said. “I was struck by the fact that she will fit into our team seamlessly.”

Heide recalls feeling that same sense of belonging when she met the Foundation staff. “I’m excited to work with this group of people,” she said, “and I felt like this is where I should be.”

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